Using Facebook Messenger, Botmazing™ offers instant engagement with prospects automatically!

  • That’s right!
  • No more waiting until you get back to the office to enter leads.
  • Forget trying to read a hand written email.
  • And stop cutting and pasting the same message over and over.

Isn’t that Otterly Botmazing??

  • Emails aren’t getting the response they use to.
  • People are looking for REAL connections from a REAL person.
  • Facebook Meesenger is a great tool to actually get to know someone one on one.
  • And using Botmazing™ allows you to build relationships easily.

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Botmazing features

  • A unique QR code and url link is created just for you.
  • Conversations with your subscribers are automated.
  • Guide subscribers to connect with you outside of Facebook.
  • Option to have subscribers instantly join your Facebook Group.

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